Thursday, January 03, 2008

Sail by

Well a busy time ahead now, due to the fact that we have a list of bits and pieces that we have waited to get in the January sales.

We picked up these cooking pans which are a great space saving idea.

We also purchased some plates and dishes, all in stylish plain white, and we will have no worries on breakages and it keeps to the Derwent6 theme of "Keep it simple"

Now we are working on loads of stuff for the meeting with Fernwood next week.

We have also done another microsoft paint job on the roof so you can see how she will look when steering.

Well back out to the Sale's (Sail's)

Watch this Space !!!

4 comments: said...

Hiya its Lisa here on the narrowshop boat. Just came accross your blog. I will add it to my blog friends and keep popping back if thats ok!?. We are a shop all year round and The Ice Cream Boat in the summer so you will spot us no trouble!. We are heading to Chester in next few weeks then in May London canals. Take care for now luv. Lisa do feel free to viit my blog sometime. Thanks. Lisa

Del & Al said...

Hi Lisa
Thanks for popping by. We will keep an eye out for you when we are on the cut. We will add you to our links and follow your blog.....good luck with your travels

******** said...

Hi Del & Al.
Been watching the progress, and all is going well.
I have also looked at the tefal compacts they look great, but decided the glass lids were not for me on our boat. We don't have china plates, dishes etc we went for melamine ones so no breakages at all, even down to our glasses.
I do however have china mugs for guests lol.

Great idea doing the paint job on the computer. The roof colour is important, because if you fo for a light colour say cream it can cause the sun to reflect and that gets in your eyes, which is a nightmare when steering. Not many actually take that sort into account.
It will not be long now and you will be underway. We may see you on the cut.
Happy New Year to you both, and many happy hours of cruising.

Anonymous said...

alf said
i like the colour scheme and it was a good point about light colours and the glare

i've seen the saucepans and they do look practical and i like glass lids!!!!!

keep it up