Saturday, January 12, 2008

Stu Art at Fernwood

This meeting with Fernwood was all about getting the way we wanted the interior of Derwent6 to look over to Stuart the interior designer...We went fully equipped with a folder with all our requirements and a scrap book with pictures of how we see Derwent6 inside.

Stuart was brilliant and it wasn't long before he was on our wave length with the design.

Here is a rough sketch of the saloon, which we had to take a photo of, due to the fact it was on A3 paper and we couldn't photocopy it.

Don't forget, the main objectives of our requirements were, Quirky with a traditional twist and Keep it simple!

Fernwood have added the quirky bits and as you can see we are sticking to what we all know best and what works. After "Whitefield", Fernwood are pleased about that.....

This meeting was very intense and we were worn out at the end of it , as was Stuart, but we got it all done.

Well! what stage are we at now then?

Stuart is going to recheck the measurements for the bulkheads and the ceiling height and then we are going back to check them. The key factor being the engine room and if the washing machine, tumble drier and bikes will fit and the head height is paramount.

While we were there, Ken stuck his head in the door and commented on the shell. "one of the best we have had for a while" he said (well done Jim). Lets hope it don't sink now when in the water.

Our minds are now doing overtime, due to the fact we may have missed something, but at least the basics are sorted out.

Some great news was heard when we turned up. Congratulations are in order to Stuart who is getting married in August (Well done mate and lets hope our boat is finished before the honeymoon) lol


Boatwoman said...

Hi Both.
I love the drawings, cannot wait to see it for real. Keeping it simple is so important, as you can otherwise go well over budget without realising it.
We kept ours very simple and it works really well.
Is you washing machine and drier compact or house size?
If house size something to remember is you have to be able to get them out if they go wrong, so many do not think of that. We have compact versions on our boat and they come out easily.
Will keep popping in to see how things go.
I can imagine you both have brain ache after all of this, but it will be well worth it in the end.
Jo x

Del & Al said...

Hi Jo
Thanks for your feedback on the drawings....that was your advise on "Keeping it simple", so thanks for that.
As for the washing machine and tumble drier, we are fitting the Bosch and Indesit which are both compact machines.
We are both being very patient with the build as we know it's going to happen one day...
Looking forward to meeting you one day!