Thursday, September 10, 2020

Everything comes in three's

Wow what a day!! Del was up early and soon had the sealer ripped out of the shower, and by 9.00am it was all done.. That was that problem eliminated from the sinking list..  Del then bailed out another litre and it looked like things were improving, but the water pump was really struggling getting up the pressure. 

We then had to return the car, and Del dropped it off and then rode his bike back as we would have had to wait for them to clean it and have the screen fitted. 

It was then back on Derwent6 and another litre was taken out from under the floorboards.. Del then fitted the new water pump and hey presto we had the correct pressure at the taps at last.. Al then thought she would get some more washing done, and Del checked the back end again to see if we could get anymore water out.. As he was doing it he heard a rush of water under the floorboards and it was when the washing machine was on rinse.. Nothing was coming outside the boat and it was obvious that something was wrong as he could see it filling up where he was checking.. He pulled out another 14 litres of lenor smelling water, and our attention turned to the washing machine..

Del pulled it out and sure enough the waste pipe had come adrift from the pipe attached to the hull, and on inspection found it was blocked. With a lot of poking around in tight places it freed itself off and things were made secure.. 

Phew what a day, but we had made some success at last. Al cooked a lovely dinner and we chilled in the evening. We have now got to get out of here, hopefully a lot lighter!!!..



Lisa said...

Thank goodness for that! Congratulations on tracking it down and fixing it.
Just how big is your water tank.......????

Lisa & David

Del and Al said...

Thanks guys, its been a relief that's for sure.
That water tank is like a black hole lol!!