Monday, March 02, 2020

Steve's 60th Birthday Bash

We have been off Derwent6 for a few days due to another birthday down in Kent.. It has been cold and windy and it would make a nice change to get with friends for a big celebration of Steve's 60th Birthday bash..
Del has known Steve since he was eleven, and its fantastic that we have kept good friends over all these years.. Steve had arranged his own birthday and everything was top secret and we didn't have a clue what we were all doing as we drove down. All 10 of us turned up at his house, and when we arrived in Gravesend we were handed envelopes to explain what was going on.
We first walked to the Panic Rooms and this turned out to be an escape room in a submarine. You had to suss out the clues and find the codes to open doors and obtain batteries to escape.. Our team failed badly as we had to let Steve win of course..
From there we went and had a lovely curry, all organised and paid for by Steve.. It was just a great night out with friends and very different, we really enjoyed it.. Steve did get his birthday present and we will tell you more about that later in the year..

The following day Bernie and Del went onto the driving range with Steve. He loves his golf and wanted to see if he could play after his operation on his hand.. Del and Bernie hadn't played for over ten years so it was a bit of a learning goal for all of us but such a laugh.. In the evening it was off to see a band. A friend of Steve's, who he played football with, played in the band.
They were playing in Maidstone so we all went down for a good drink with some great sounds and hits in our ears.. Again it was a great laugh and a good time was had by all..

Steve's actual birthday wasn't until the following Tuesday, and his daughter Tanya had arranged for us all to go to Lakeside in Essex where we played Putt Shack, a computerised Crazy golf with a bar and cocktails.. What fun we had there.

We all ended up in Miller and Carter, a lovely steakhouse on a boat on the lakes..
A big thank you to all that were there and to Steve for making it a lovely memory..

We drove back to Derwent6 and this time she was still on her moorings. We used the car and the time to get some food, and bits and pieces we needed for three weeks time..
We plan to get back on the cut next week as we have a gap in our calendar..

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