Monday, March 16, 2020

Cold and windy to Welford Arm

It seemed like we were on a mission now (we wasn't) as we were up early again and Del was off by 7.30am.
The forecast said cold and strong winds again so we pushed on. You will see Derwent6 leaning over on some of these pictures.
 It was freezing on the stern deck as hail storms were also on the forecast and could be seen in the distance, luckily we didn't get them..
This section is very pretty as it twists and turns following the contours of the hills. But when its cold and windy its not as much fun as you fight to get the line right into the corners..
 In fact it is still fun as it makes it more of a challenge.. It was a funny day as the sun shone at times and then a very Icy cold wind reminded you it was still winter.. We arrived in good time as the wind was behind us for most of the way and we got moored up all on our own at the end of the Welford Arm when the sun came out again..

With not a moment to lose, Del soon had the sander out and was rubbing down the gunwales as the canal sides are very low here..
On inspection he noticed also some of the red had gone rusty onto the side panels so they got done as well..
Fertan was then put on the rust to stop it coming back. We were then confined to Derwent6 and watched the news about the Coronavirus which seemed to be now taking hold of us all, we are probably in the safest place, even though Del has a cold. Agh!


Anonymous said...

Luvly jubbly, grrreat stretch of canal to cruise.
We always liked going up there as it's so nice, quiet and unspoilt.
Got many pics of the wild flowers etc up the arm there.
Good luck with the painting, hope you don't get Tooty paw prints on the wet paint, lol.
Take care,
Ann and Keith XX

ahmed said...
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