Sunday, March 08, 2020

Lets just get there

We woke up to the rain hitting the roof and knew we couldn't move just yet.. It gave us a chance to sort out some other things and also sort out what we needed in Braunston.
We managed to get away at 12.30pm and it was a tad cold and cloudy.
It just feels so good to be moving again even though we have done this stretch so many times..
We saw the church in view and knew we were close to the village, and it appeared to be quite empty..
We moored on the Midland Chandlers mooring and popped in there to pick up a few things we were running out of.
We also got a new rope, but this time got a bigger gauge as the old one snapped in all those strong winds. We managed to get a good deal as it was at the end of the roll..
It was then onto the water point and we topped up the tank so it gave us better options if we wanted to stay somewhere a bit longer..
We also popped into AJ canopies and picked up some cleaner to get rid of the green we had growing on the cratch..

It was then on up to the locks and we waited for a boat to come out. It never happened because he wanted to go up the locks backwards, so we joined him facing in different directions which seemed weird..
It turned out he was going in the shed at the top of the lock..
The locks were all in our favour and we made good time getting to the top.

As the sun had come out, we decided we could get through the tunnel and make it to Norton Junction.
So we prepared Derwent6 for a very wet tunnel. It turned out to be not too bad, and we went through with ease.
When we arrived at our destination there were loads of moorings to choose from..

Tooty was in his element as he hadn't been out for two months, he couldn't believe how he could just go in and out on the grass when he fancied it..


Anonymous said...

Ooooh, great days cruising and good that you didn't get wet.
Lovely pics of 'middle earth' as i call it, for me to reminisce over too, thanx.
Glad everything has been sorted , eventually, happy plain sailing from now on.
Ann and Keith XXx

Unknown said...
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