Friday, March 27, 2020

Everything we need to stay healthy

So we stayed here for Mothers Day and walked up to leave a present on Del's Mum's door step.
We then met Pat & Keith coming back from a walk to get some fresh air, so we all kept our distance!

We then walked up to the shop and Del waited outside and Al got a few tins of soup and some soap and walked back.. Where we are we have everything, Elsan, Toilet (with loo paper) and water.. Our luck got better when Mark on Callisto turned up supplying us with coal, gas and diesel..
  We even had a Tesco's delivery that we had booked a couple of weeks ago, they are like rocking horse poo now..
We are on our own here with just Mark next door to keep us company, Oh and the swans..


Anonymous said...

Lucky yous being in a wonderful spot and able to get everything you need easily.
Bit like a game of 'musical chairs' on the canals atm, all about being in the right place at the right time, eh?
Lovely walks all around too, but guessing the pub is shut.
How's Tooty doing?
Take care out there,
Ann and Keith xx

Del and Al said...

Hi guys, yes we're lucky where we are, we've got all the services we need close by. Its so quiet here now the pub is shut which suits us. Tooty loves it as we are all on our own with no dogs to worry about lol.
Hope you're both well
Stay safe xxx