Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Phew that was hard work!

So we were blacked and it was Mark's turn and Del's turn to help.. It was almost the same procedure as Derwent6 so we were in a bit of a routine to get things done.. Mark also sorted out his stern gland and straightened his rudder. He also had new anodes, painted the gunwales and roof rails..
We got it all done in the two and a half days he wanted as he had plans to get back to Crick..
We were up to see him leaving the shed.

We then locked him through Welford lock so he could get on his way..
We have to say we were knackered after painting two boats, but looking back it was well worth it and cheaper to do this..
So we heard the announcement last night of the pubs, restaurants, and bars closing from midnight on the Friday, and we all felt it was coming.. This situation is a lot worse than we all think and action needs to happen to get the message across.. Welcome to our world where we are isolated most of the time! There is no need to get bored, as something can always get done. With the use of the internet parcels will still get delivered, contacts be made, and food delivered to your door step, just a bit of planning is needed.. We all need to help each other in this continued difficult time. We can't over shop on a boat as we haven't got the space, so we will just be doing our normal shop and hope we can walk to a small store if we need to and get the next three days meals.. if not we go back to soup or a tin of beans, just like they did on I'm a Celeb..

We managed to get a food delivery slot for Monday and will be assessing the situation then to see where we go from here. I know the middle of nowhere sounds a good plan, but we have us and others to think about..

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