Sunday, April 21, 2013

Where has two years gone

We were up at the crack of dawn...we needed to be full of water before we go into the dry dock for blacking, where has that two years gone.. It was still windy but we managed to get Derwent6 turned and reversed on to the mooring..
As we were filling on a slow tap another guy went on the water point and made us even slower.. We had some breakfast and then decided to make our move into the dry dock which was waiting for us..
After another tricky maneuver in the wind we got inside with just a small scratch to the gunwales....
As the water drained we sorted out all the paint and brushes and it was nice to be on shoreline again.. Al was quick to get the washing on and managed to get it all up to date.. When we were on the bottom we set to work.. Al got the scraping done while Del power washed the sides..
We then had to wait for it to dry and set about rubbing it all down and taking the barnacles off... we had forgotten how much hard work it is..
We were there till seven rubbing and scraping it all off.. Knackered we fell into bed knowing we had got an early start in the morning!!!

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