Sunday, April 21, 2013

Long day with two coats

We were up early and I mean early.. Del was putting the first coat of blacking on Derwent6 at 5.45am.. We are using Colflex VT which is a Vinyl Tar. It has a drying time of four hours and has to be drying for 48 hours before it can go back in the water.. So we needed to get the first coat done by lunchtime to have a chance of getting the second one on..It would then have tonight and all day tomorrow to dry. Al came out at 8.30am and then helped..
We managed to get it done by lunchtime, but it was hard work.. Stopping for lunch was also not a good idea as we had trouble getting going again... In the afternoon Del was busy prepping up the tunnel bands (the two strips on the stern of the boat) and then we hit the second coat of blacking..
We managed to get it done by 6.30pm.. We both needed a shower but couldn't use the shower because the water outlet on Derwent6 is on the side and it would have gone over our fresh paintwork (even with pipes sticking out). So it was a wash in a bucket and chuck it, before we deserved a well earned pint and hot meal in the Wharf Inn pub.. It was a nice treat but we were both falling asleep at the table.. We got back to Derwent6 at 9.00pm and zonked into bed.. 

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