Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Ahhhhhh fresh air

Derwent6 spent the night drying as we tried to recover from all the hard work.. We were coming out the dry dock today so we had to be up early again to put the fenders back on and Del cleaned up the prop.. Les from Welford marina turned up at 8.00am and soon started on filling the dock.. It feels strange as you start to float again.. We have just stopped bumping into things walking around Derwent6 when it was not moving and now we are floating again..
We manoeuvred Derwent6 out of the dock and found a mooring outside again.. Del was soon getting all the dust off the roof and cleaning the outside.. Al had ordered an Asda delivery and they turned up at 11.30am....
It was a nice morning and we had lunch out in the cratch, but the weather was turning..We ended up lighting the fire again.... It feels nice to be back outside, you feel couped up in a shed with not much natural light and it always feels cold and damp.. but it is worth it!! We feel we did a good job and its satisfying that its got plenty of blacking on, so we did make the most of the time... 

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nb AmyJo said...

Looks like all that hard work was worth i,t Derwent 6 looks great.