Friday, April 26, 2013

Belt change

Wow Sunshine!!  Del was up early cleaning the roof off .. As the sun was streaming in the stern doors he started on the belt changes on Derwent6. We ended up changing all three belts as they were all breaking up, and all three created a problem.. Half the problem was that Beta had supplied the wrong size belts.. the other half of the problem was that they never line up correctly with the jockey pulley. Del spent the best part of the morning sorting them out.. and he still will need to change the domestic belt again as we had to fit a second hand one.... After running the engine for a hour Del then set to work on painting the bilge, it had gone a bit rusty and needed rubbing down..
We had a visit from Del's mum at lunchtime and Del stopped for a cup of tea, and nothing got done after that.. We just chilled in the sunshine..Ooooo bring on summer!!

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