Sunday, April 28, 2013

Belting along to the pub

Del was up early loading back up the gas locker as we hadn't any gas bottles connected for a cup of tea. It had now fully dried from blacking..
As we run the engine this morning we had another belt snap on us.. Del had to fit a spare incorrect sized belt to get us by after trying to renew all the belts supplied by Beta.. The generator belt was incorrect and Del had to fit his spare, but it was badly worn.. It didn't last long and in the process of breaking, ripped off the domestic belt .. So we were back on the phone to Beta marine and they are going to courier the correct one out for us tomorrow.. So Del had to refit the domestic belt so we could charge the batteries and we are running with no generator belt at he moment..
At midday we meet up with Andy and Hilary and walked into Welford with Cassie the dog.. The girls walked up the the local shop and the boys stopped at the pub..touch!
We ended up having a meal, and a good chat all afternoon chatting with everyone who came in.. After a few beers and full tummies we walked back, it done us all good.. Andy and Hilary came on Derwent6 for a coffee afterwards and we chatted about our plans for this years summer cruising..
In the evening we chilled out, chilled being the word, as we had to light the fire it had turned so cold. Lets hope our belt turns up tomorrow!! 

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