Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Blacking done with extras

We felt we could have a lay in this morning but we still had a lot to do.. Del was up and out at 8.00am and thought an extra coat of blacking was required under the swim. Also the weed hatch could do with another coat..this is not a nice job as you are lying on your back painting upwards..It's like painting the ceiling but using paint that doesn't wash off.. Lovely!
It was then onto the tunnel bands and first the white and then the red got painted..
We were really frustrated that we couldn't prep the gunwales last week as we found we would have had time to paint them..Instead we tided them up a bit, still a job for the summer months..
We were all finished at 6.00pm and Al had cooked a lovely toad in the hole to look forward to..  As you can imaging we were shattered.... but we also felt satisfied.. We feel it could be another early night for us!!!! Still we've got another two years to get over it, before we do it all again!!!

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