Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Well needed rain

We woke up to the sound of heavy rain which here on the canals we are pleased about due to the lack of water everywhere. After breakfast we decided to do a bit more spring cleaning. (Anything we haven't used for three months comes off.)
It's surprising how much you collect and how much you don't actually use, but we managed to get five big bags of rubbish. After the rain had stopped, Del then walked them down to Hillmorton Whalf and popped in there to see if he could get the part he needed for the manual pump out. Well even though there was a sign saying it was open it clearly wasn't. A guy came over and tried to help and after a lot of hassle he found the keys to the shop, he had a good look around for the part, but we couldn't find one. Al read her book all afternoon and Del carried on on a circular walk back to Derwent6. We just chilled in the evening with the footy.........

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