Thursday, January 05, 2012

Chuck out day

The wind did keep us up all night and it just seemed to get stronger as the night went on. As long as we were still tied on, we weren't worried... We then tried to have a lay in but the wind played a part in that as well, so we ended up getting up anyway. After breakfast we carried on with some odd bits and pieces and having a good clear out of things we never used last year. With all our lovely Christmas presents on board we have to make a bit of room. We are getting itchy about moving now, but with these winds why take any chances when we don't have to. We are quite liking the peace and quiet at the moment, and with loads of spaces where we are we aren't bothering anyone. Del went on the hunt for some wood in the afternoon but never found any trees down. Al snuggled up with a good film . In the evening the winds seemed to get up again, lets hope we get a bit more sleep tonight...

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