Sunday, January 22, 2012

Plan B

Plan A was to go up and turn today and then get water and then do a manual pump out at Brownsover..Ummmm wrong!!!! All was going so well, turned OK (even in strong winds) got water, (even though it was flooded round the water point) and got in OK at the elsan at Brownsover. Then the pipe broke which fits on the stern of Derwent6 to drain into our container. Hmm .. We tried super glue and managed to get one container out before we had to stop.With Clifton Cruisers closed on Sunday (which we thought would be one of their busiest days) we decided to stay put and try and get a replacement one in Wickes ( it's got our name on it). Well not in this case as they didn't have one... So Plan B is to stay here till Monday and go along to Clifton in the hope we can get a pumpout there and pick up the new part we require at Hillmorton. It was a good job really as the wind had got up even more and it would have made the locks tricky.
We moored up on the other side of the canal again as we get a good TV signal here. Al was pleased as she wanted to see Dancing on Ice and Desperate Housewives in the evening!

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