Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Locking to the Upholsterers

We were up early to say our goodbyes to the other bloggers here at Hillmorton as we were all going our separate ways. We followed n.b Oakfield through the first of the three single locks and were surprised that there were two other boats queuing behind us. We were even more surprised when we saw two hire boats trying to get into the single lock in between us and n.b. Oakfield. This would have taken all the water out of the middle pound between the locks. Al managed to persuade the hire company to let us through, after the first of their boats had gone through. Phew!
We passed n.b Oakfield at the water point and we took a steady pace up to Clifton where we spotted a nice mooring and decided to moor up for the day. We had done all of three miles!!!
We had a nice ploughman's lunch and chilled for a hour as n.b Oakfield passed us again, still finding time to repair the shower fixing, where a screw had rusted through.
We had been given a tip that there was a good upholsterers nearby so we decided to give them a ring to see if they could do our cratch cushion covers. They had been cracking and falling to bits since we had a water leak problem from new in the cratch from the roof. Our boat builders fitted a wooden rail to stop the water coming in but it had already soaked the covers which eventually got into the foam and damaged them. We use this area all the time and just wanted new covers so we could sit out there again without getting a damp bum. Chris, the guy from Manor Upholstery said he could fit them in for us if we could get them down to him today. We had to walk about a mile and a half with them, but we managed to find and get them there. He works in a garage in his garden and has a nice little business going. He was really helpful and said he will get them done as quickly as possible, good news!!!
After our walk back it was nice to just relax in the evening still aching from carrying those cushion covers a mile and a half.


Anonymous said...

I would like to hear how Manor Upholstery do the job and if you would recommend them. I think it's good to support local small businesses and have work that needs doing so will give them a try.

Del and Al said...

Hi Andrew, yes like you we do like to try and support local businesses. They had been recommended to us, and will let you know our thoughts when we pick the cushions up.....