Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Stocking up for the wind

The morning started with a Tesco's delivery at 10.30am where the driver managed to reverse round the corner with inches to spare.. brave man!!! It was nice to have food back on board..... probably because we had stretched our stomachs so much over christmas it feels like you are always hungry!Al wanted to get Derwent6 straight inside and Del sorted out the engine room. The wind started to pick up again in the afternoon so we made sure everything was battened down and the ropes were tight. Where we are moored it seems like we are taking the full brunt of the wind, but the good news is that we are not near any trees. It was blowing us around so much that we kept losing the tv signal, so it was back to the DVD's for us. When we went to bed it was still knocking us about and Derwent6 was creaking all over the place. Not much sleep for us we think!


Jo Lodge said...

Hi Both. It was lovely to see you yesterday. I have left you messages on Facebook, but will back it up on here.
We are now at Crick having come up through Watford Locks this morning. The water level is described by a BW worker as stable at the moment, so traffic is allowed through. You may have to top up their first pound above lock one at Watford because it was over 2 foot down when we got to it this morning, but there was plenty of water in the other pounds.
We are now battening down the hatches. Take care xxxx

Del and Al said...

Thanks Jo for the info, glad you got through OK...take care x