Saturday, January 07, 2012

Chancing it

We had a late start this morning and just pottered about getting rid of our rubbish and cleaning brass liners and things. In the afternoon we spent some time sorting out our music files and doing some arranging (more about that later). We then spotted fellow bloggers n.b Chance coming towards us and they pulled up behind us. James invited us on board for a drink and a look around, as we missed them at Crick last year, so we took a bottle round at 5.00pm. We were definitely given the Wow Factor as we walked through n.b Chance ( We felt really comfortable sitting in n.b Chance's luxury with hosts Doug and James. We caught up with all the local gossip and talked boats all night with two, then three, then four bottles of wine. We then started to get hungry and combined meals (and wine) that we were going to have that evening and Doug cooked up a Masterchef meal... That went down with another couple of bottles of wine, yep we were sozzled at this point. We eventually had a coffee and chocolates and when we looked at the time it was 2.00am in the morning. (we are making a habit of this and won't be invited on anyone's boat any more!) We made the twenty steps back to Derwent6 and fell into bed at 2.30am. Thanks guys for another memorable night....

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