Tuesday, May 17, 2011

We made it to Bristol..Wow!

We were up early and Al opened her Birthday cards and present from Del. We then decided to move up into Bristol. We loved being back on the open river and we were able to open up Derwent6 and clean the bores. The scenery here is fabulous as we got to the first of three locks. At Henham Lock we had to give the Harbour Master a call to let him know we were coming. 'It will take you a hour to get to me and the lock will be ready for you'. We arrived bang on time and moored up to buy our licence from Bristol Council and paid our mooring charges. Lets hope it's worth it!!!Just like London it didn't feel like you were entering a City, but it did feel very dock like with the old cranes and boats either side of you. We managed to moor right opposite Brunel's SS Great Britain, but then we found out that we were too long for the pontoons here and with the strong wind it felt we were going to be ripped off our mooring. While we were at this end of the harbour we picked up our shoreline cards which you can buy at a pound each and get your money back if you don't use them. We got back to Derwent6 and decided to move closer to the town centre. We get buffered by the ferries going backwards and forwards but it's got lovely views. It tried to rain in the afternoon so we had a drink on board Derwent6 before we left in the evening for something to eat.
Al fancied a Mexican for a Birthday evening meal and just round the corner from us was Las Iguanas. When we turned up we were lucky to get a table, it was packed, but it generated a terrific atmosphere. We can also recommend the food... We giggled our way home at 11.00pm...


wozie said...

Hello you two love-birds! Just to say we are really enjoying your blog along the K and A with all the lovely pictures. The pontoons in Gloucester Docks were too short for our 60 footer. Were you able to move to a longer one?

nb Oakfield

Del and Al said...

Hi Ann, yep we were able to move later that day to a longer pontoon. The K&A has been wonderful, it's such a lovely canal, and we're looking forward to going back up it ! Take care x