Friday, May 13, 2011

Aqueduct Day

We were going to go back to The Lock Inn for breakfast this morning but our stomachs couldn't face it, we were still full up, so we set of at 9.00am and went through the lock at Bradford Wharf.We took the slow run up to Avoncliff Aqueduct passing all the moored boats. Don't think you're going to charge your batteries on this section of canal. At Avoncliff we were a bit disappointed that we couldn't see the view over the River Avon. It was still very pretty along this part as we passed by Limpley Stoke and through the tree covered section of Conkwell woods. We then took a shape turn and saw another boat pulling out of a mooring just before Dundas Aqueduct..Perfect!After sorting ourselves out we took a walk over the fine Aqueduct which did have wonderful views. We then walked up the Somerset Coal Canal which has a small basin at the end with a shop and cafe. It was here we brought our Kennet and Avon Plaque for Derwent6 with the symbol of the Dundas Aqueduct. The sun had come round and was shining in the cratch now so we walked back, cracked open a few tinnies, and put our feet up for the rest of the day. (well Al did anyway) Del did the brasses....

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