Tuesday, May 31, 2011

City to City

We knew the weather wasn't going to be too good here in Bath and we managed to get a very cheap away day ticket on the train into London. There was only one exception.. we had to get the 6.30am train from Bath. With coats and a brolly and sleepy eyes we got to the station as dawn was breaking and just about made it on time. The connections on the trains were perfect and we were in Kent and in glorious sunshine by 9.50am. We then made our way to Canterbury hospital where Len ( Del's dad ) was. It was a great surprise to see him out of bed and reading a newspaper and looking so much better. He was still weak but had put on weight and had stopped feeling sick. After all this it turned out he had got stomach ulcers which had to be capped off to stop him losing blood. Lets hope he's turned a corner and things improve from here on.

Feeling very satisfied we then returned to Al's mum and dad before we got the 6.00pm train back to Bath. It had just started to rain as we got on the train. We arrived in Bath this time in glorious sunshine, it was like it was following us. We then walked back to Derwent6 for 10.00pm, at dusk. We definitely made the most of our away day ticket, sunshine and the daylight hours.

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