Monday, May 09, 2011

The Long Pound

We left Pewsey early after hearing then Len ( Del's dad) would be coming out of hospital on Tuesday. This meant we wouldn't need to be near a train station to be able to go back up to London and visit. We moved up onto the water point and topped up the tank as we had loads of washing we needed to get done. We also had a pumpout which was a bit tricky to get onto as the hose was close to the bridge. It was a bit slow but we managed to do it.We then got on our way, with warm showers and sunshine it was quite nice. This section is known by boaters to be called the Long Pound. This is because it is one of the longest parts of the K & A with no locks. We still had to deal with a couple of swing bridges, but no locks. It is also one of the most beautiful parts of this canal. We passed through Honeystreet and the famous Barge Inn which is a hippy magnet (we will do this on our return). We then passed All Cannings with the beautiful rolling hills and white horses (we've seen three now) on either side of us as we followed the contours. We then approached Devizes and were amazed at how many moorings there were. We had the pick of the bunch, so we got a good TV signal and 3G and the smell of the Wadworth brewery which was next door to us. We then went for a walk round town. It is a lovely market town with lots of different shops. We got back to Derwent6 late in the afternoon and a bit tired from a long day. No wonder they call it the Long Pound!!

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