Monday, May 02, 2011

Boat Race at Kintbury

Del was up early this morning, leaving Al to have a bit of a lay in. Today at Kintbury they were having a May Day festival with stalls and things going on in the village. There was also a boat race where lots of different floating craft had been built to travel from Hungerford to Newbury. This made our minds up not to move today as we would have been heading into them. The crowds started to gather at around 9.00am and the first boat passed us at 9,30am. It was great fun watching the boats pass us as we sat in the cratch. It was another sunny day if a bit brisk in the wind, but it never spoiled a thing. It was great fun watching them get the boats out of the water to go round the lock and then putting them back in. We even had Jo Brand (the comedian) pass by in the last boat as they stopped here for a bit of lunch. In the afternoon Del did the brasses while Al read her book as the horse drawn trip boat went backwards and forwards. We were asked a thousand questions by passers by about living on a boat, but it was all good fun.

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Sue said...

Good job you weren't moored at the end by the bridge for that!

We were there at the same time one year, and as the rafts come through that bridge they chuck flour bags at them.

No Problem was covered in flour!