Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Leaving Bristol

It was a lovely morning in Bristol harbour and we had to leave today :-( We used up our last bit of water and our last few pence on shoreline to get the last of the washing done. We then pulled back a bit so we could fill with water, this was so we could get under the very low swingbridge as we only had two inches clearance when we came in.

Filled with water, we had a four inch clearance on the way out and it was quite sad as we left. We have loved it here, as there is so much to do, still there's always a next time!!!!We waved goodbye to the lock keeper at Nethan Lock and were soon purring through the countryside on the Avon. We are now going into the flow of the river and it seems a lot slower, but slower is good for us....After getting through Hanham and Keynsham Lock, which just seemed to take an age to fill, we made it on to Bitton and we were lucky enough to get a mooring again on the pontoon here. While we were here the old carriage train pulled up at the station on the railway above us. We are having to get used to being back on battery management and turning things off when not in use, you get spoilt on shoreline.
We had a lovely lunch on a nice light evening but the clouds were coming in... Well Del did do the brasses yesterday...................

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