Saturday, December 18, 2010

So cold outside, but very tender inside

It was so nice to be waking up on Derwent6 again, but we were reminded of how cold it is. The heating had come on at 7.00am and the fire had just about stayed in, but the porthole bungs were still frozen in again. Soon Derwent6 had warmed up and we had some breakfast. It was still minus three outside so it was one of those stay indoors days. We had planned to walk down to the shop but we couldn't be bothered to go out in the cold. We were lucky enough to have been given a joint of beef from Al's dad (Alf) and we cooked it on the stove. It cooked beautifully and was so tender, and we had a lovely roast dinner, our highlight of the day, we will never be cooking beef in the oven again....

The evening (you guessed it) was watching Strictly, and Al wasn't disappointed.

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artymess said...

That sounds cosy ...we cook stew on our log burner and it's so much more tasty somehow than on the cooker ..keep warm ...x