Monday, December 20, 2010

Feed the Birds

Minus eleven last night...bloody cold but we slept well. All this cold weather is making us very hardy... The fire just about stayed in and we could only have the central heating on for a hour. This was because the overflow pipe from the clarifier has frozen and is causing too much pressure in the system. It normally runs at about one bar and is at three bars pressure at the moment, so we don't want to blow a pipe or even split the clarifier.

After breakfast (a good fry up) we decided to go shopping, so we took a walk into Whittington village where they have a Co-Op.
The roads were still bad, but with the freezing fog over night, was very pretty. We were amazed at how bad things are for the pubs. At this takeaway, they were offering you to take your food to the pub, and the pub would supply plates and irons, as long as you bought a pint. Good idea we thought!!!!. We got all the essentials and made our way back. After our exercise we just snuggled down to cups of tea and a mince pie in the afternoon with a good Christmas film on the telly.

All the birds are really struggling for food, so they are getting as much food as we are at the moment. Our water seems to be lasting out as does our diesel and waste tanks. You just have to be a bit conservative. Washing clothes is always the biggest problem, having to hand wash everything with as little water as possible, but we get by....... Del's pants need a good scrub!!!

Derwent6 is warm & toasty and just like a little grotto in the evening with the Christmas lights on and the fire roaring in the corner....


Unknown said...

Happy Christmas from all of us stuck here in Brum, Have a good one and hopefully we will catch up with you both next year? The Del can play the guitar!

artymess said...

Good on you feeding the birds ........I keep putting out food for them but my dogs keep thinking the bread's for them ....hope the water doesn't run out...dread to think what would happen to the pants then ...!!!