Thursday, December 09, 2010

Blimey it's Hot in here!!!!

Another cold night and we're getting used to it now... Not much sleep though!!! When Del went to bed he banked up the fire and the lower tray draw must have come open. Del was woken at 1.00am by hot air so hot, you couldn't breath. The fire had been going full bore all night and even the galley worktops were red hot. You could hardly get near the fire. Luckily the fresh coals were wet and by opening a few windows, and minus four outside, it soon cooled things down a bit. The kettle was still on the top and had boiled dry. The fire was then shut down the right way. It just shows the dangers of open fires if you're not careful.

Derwent6 is now down to it's last half a bag of coal, and we are lucky enough to have a coal boat iced in just round the corner from us. When we got there no one was around so a quick phone call was made. " When I get back, I'll chuck a couple of bags on the roof for you to collect" he said.

Well Del went down there at midday and at 2.00pm but still no coal and on walking back got tied up with some guy trying to get his generator going. After a hour and removing brushes and checking wiring it was decided that the regulator had blown. Del checked on line for availability and price, and the guy was very grateful for the help. It was starting to get dark, but low and behold the coal bags had arrived. Del then had to lug these a few hundred yards back to Derwent6 just before it got dark. The towpath again was a sheet of ice. So we are all ok for a few more shut the fire down correctly tonight..........................

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