Wednesday, December 01, 2010

More Snow and Disruption

We woke up to even more snow this morning. Del had about a few centimetres while Al down in Kent had about a foot (30 centimetres). A bit of a contrast. Del was down to the last bit of wood and went on the hunt again but only got sticks again, enough to keep warm. He then put up some Christmas lights and lit the advent candle, so Derwent6 is starting to look Christmassy. Derwent6's licence run out today, so the new one was put on display. Al on the other hand, tried again to go and see her mum, with her dad, and as the weather was so bad they walked all the way to the station only to find all the trains had been cancelled at that particular station, and had to walk all the way back again. Not happy! but at least they tried!!! After a phone call to the hospital Pam is still stable.......

The weather is just getting colder and the snow still keeps coming, the canal looks like it could be frozen for another week at least.

In the evening Del did his first bit of cooking and cooked Chili Con Carne on the woodburner, to have with the football.


Keith Lodge said...

Hi Both.
I hope that Al's mum is still improving. I was sorry to read of her being so poorly.
Wishes I was closer to supply you with some coal. There is nothing worse than being cold. Hope you manage to get some fuel.
Stay safe and warm. Jo xxxxxx

Del and Al said...

Thanks Jo, Mum is doing well and everyday we see an improvement. Luckily we've still got a couple of bags of coal left from last winter, and a coal boat is stuck around the corner from us! Take care and hope to see you sometime xxx