Friday, December 10, 2010

The Big Thaw (we hope)

Woke up this morning to see water again on the cut... But it's still thick under the surface. When the bread was thrown out for the ducks it just looked like it was floating on the water. Del then got the train down to Kent with the snow slowly thawing. Del was then reunited with Al and her dad Alf, and they went up to the hospital. Pam (Al's mum) was sitting up in a chair next to the hospital bed and looked very cheerful.. "Will I be home for Christmas?" was the story of the day, and the answer is "we dam well hope so" It was also great to see her getting out of the chair on her own, a vast improvement. The three of us then went out for something to eat, together with everyone having their Christmas dinners and getting in the mood. In the evening we all tried to get into the Christmas spirit with telly in the comfort of the Christmas decorations.


Blue Point said...

Hi there see your still having fun!! We met several times we are off Blue Point met 1st at Welford last year you convinced to change my prop which we did. Saw you also at Crick and at Norton junction. Thanks for the blog info we were going to move boat but dedcided against it having seen your great photo's. Stil at home won't now be out till March, roll on. Anyway happy xmas.

Jo Lodge said...

Pleased to see Pam is still doing very well and fingers are crossed that she gets home for Christmas.
As for the big thaw, I think not. The weather forecast is not favourable. Hope that whatever the weather you both going to keep safe and warm until we meet again. xx