Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Birmingham Christmas Markets

We was up early this morning and out by 9.15am. We caught the train at Rugby and went to Birmingham where we did the Christmas Markets to get us in the mood for the festive time ahead.
Its always handy when you step off the train straight into the Bullring shopping centre. We first grabbed a coffee with a full English of course..
Then it was time to do some Christmas shopping..

We did alright and got a few bits but then we thought we would venture outside to the Christmas Markets.

The stalls here are good quality, if a tad on the expensive side, but well worth a look round.
There are also loads of bars on route which Del loves, and it wasn't long before we were into the German beer on offer..
You can buy the two pint glasses and loads of different Mulled wines. Al soon got into the warming rum which Del soon got into too.
After the third we started to feel it and Al was slurring.

We ended up staying till 6.00pm and then hunger took over. We went to one of our favourite Indian restaurants after experiencing it in Liverpool. Mowgli's is an Indian tapas restaurant which is a little different and it didn't let us down. It didn't help that we topped up things with a bottle of wine..
We got the 7.30pm train back and ended up having to get a cab to point us in the right direction back to Derwent6.. It was a bit cold on the boat when we arrived but that was a good thing because it sobered us up a tad. We tried watching some telly, but it was no good bed was beckoning..  It was a great day and started the Christmas Cheer off nicely..


Stuart said...

Merry Christmas to you both

Del and Al said...

Thanks Stuart, Merry Christmas to you too....