Sunday, July 15, 2018

Swatted, flies and football

We moored up at Huddlesford for the football as we knew we could get a good signal, but we knew we had a problem from the start because we were getting invaded by flies. On the field next to us they were hording cow dung and the flies were luving it..
Committed to the football, we decided to sit it out with the fly swatter and the windows and doors shut. We thought it had been lucky for England for us to watch the games on the boat, but I'm afraid that didn't work. So we're out, but didn't they do well. We are just pleased for Gareth and his team..
It has been hot here again with temps touching 30 degrees and us not feeling like doing anything and Derwent6 covered in dust (as well as flies)..
Del did go flying his glider over the airfield here and with this weather got some 'nearly out of sight' flights..
You do have to land when a plane or microlight is taking off or landing.
We had had enough by Thursday so moving tomorrow on Friday 13th!

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