Monday, July 02, 2018

Nottingham stop, then Beeston

An early start for us as we walked round the retail stores just looking for stuff. We need some new bedding for Derwent6 but we are having trouble finding the right one, just like we did when Derwent6 was new ten years ago.. Al also posted a few cards and bought a few birthday presents.
We then went to a bar to watch the England game, a game we lost, Oh Dear!
With Al nearly back to full strength and off of the medication, she was drinking beer and we over did it slightly. Del was just happy to have his drinking companion back..
The following morning, Al was up early as she wanted to get a big food shop in before we left Nottingham..  She called Del when the trolley was full and we got it back to Derwent6 and set off.
We didn't plan to go far and it took us just an hour before we moored up at Beeston.
 In the midday sun Del went out on his bike for a couple of hours to get some exercise. Football again in the evening sunshine, we are just loving this weather..

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