Tuesday, April 04, 2017

Fernwood friends going separate ways

We woke up to showers on the roof this morning and we had made the decision to move. When we looked out of the side doors a boat was going past very slowly. It was n.b Oakfield and it was great to see Ann & Keith.. n.b Oakfield is sadly up for sale, and this boat will be a great buy for someone who is thinking about this liveaboard life.. Way back, we swapped our build slot with Ann & Keith and we just went in the water before them. The sale details are on this link.(http://www.abnb.co.uk/boat_pages/3115web/3115abnb.php?BoatID=3115)
We held the boats together and had a long chat catching up on the last two years we had missed. We used to winter in the same area and had some real fun times together, which helped us get through those short, dark, cold winter days.. It was really sad to see them go, knowing we may not see them again on the cut.
We sorted ourselves out and then set off in the opposite direction, through the rainbow ahead.
The first hurdle was Clifton Marina with its double breasted boats.. It is so tight to get through here now even though they have claimed the small arm section of canal.
We got to busy Brownsover and no moorings were in sight and when we got to the other side we could see why.
They are fitting sandbags to the bank of the moorings here. Why? we don't know, they are fitting the sandbags over the rocks which were always a problem when mooring there.
They would bang the boat if it rocked or the wind blew you, and the fenders didn't help at all, but they still remain and have not been removed.
We carried on to Newbold and it was also busy there, we then realised it was because today is the last day of the 14 day winter moorings and they change to 48 hours from the 1st April..
We got through the tunnel, but it was a bit wet from the rain we had, and got back to Brinklow marina for a pump out. The wind was very strong, and always is here, so we had to reverse up to our mooring and then quickly dive into our slot.. it took a lot of strength to pull Derwent6 in, but we managed it.. Phew!
We then went to Rugby and the Steam Turbine for a nice big juicy steak and salad.
It finished the day nicely and should make us sleep soundly..

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