Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Return to Brum

Never a dull moment, always an adventure.. We got up early again and we went into Birmingham. Al had enjoyed it so much with Tanya she wanted to show Del what it was like now with all the changes to the city that had been made.. We got there at 11.00am and walked around the Bullring Shopping Centre which is linked to Grand Central New Street Station.
You wouldn't even know there was a station there, it just looks like a massive shopping complex..
Fabulous shopping, almost better than London, but we did notice some shops that we like missing, like Lakeland and American Eagle..
We had some lunch there, and stayed till after the rush hour, and just stayed under our parking ticket of eight hours.. That cost us £12.00 to park all day, but it would have been £20.00 if we had stayed longer than eight hours...that's city prices for you.
We got back to Derwent6 just in time to see the sunset and the red sky setting over the marina, to remind us why we love doing this..

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