Tuesday, April 04, 2017

God daughter Birthday treat

I was a lovely sunny day, so Del rubbed down the tunnel bands on the stern as rust was showing around the button..  Al tided up on Derwent6 as we had Tanya our god daughter turning up at lunchtime..
She arrived just after 1.00pm and lunch was served, it was so warm the girls sat in the cratch and chatted while Tanya did some studying for a new job she is currently training for.
Del carried on with his rubbing down and painting.
It got to about 6.00pm and we thought it was time to go and have a bite to eat. It was Tanya's birthday last Thursday and she had a voucher for TGI Fridays, so we thought it was only fair to use the voucher and treat her for drinks and dinner, any excuse lol
It was a good voucher as it allowed us to have six, yes six, cocktails. Al and Tanya were soon enjoying the evening.. Del was driving :-(
We had the table for the night and it didn't seem that expensive, we had a great time and will do it again..
We got back to Derwent6 at 10.00pm and after all those cocktails and yummy food went straight to bed..

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