Friday, March 31, 2017

Bridge 66A at Clifton

We moved from where we were to Clifton, one of our favourite moorings, but not for long apparently!
In planning here is over 6000 houses, a financial district and a school, the only good thing for boaters is that there will be some shops and restaurants going in.
We wake up to the birds tweeting the dawn chorus and the cows and sheep in the field opposite, but not any more. There will be a link road from Butlers Leap traffic lights linking up with the lane at the top of the locks at Hillmorton.. 
The new bridge crossing the canal will be Bridge 66A and will go diagonal.
Its nice that they are making good use of the canal, but to take away the beautiful scenery seems very sad..
You can see a full report on the bridge on this link!,%2062%20and%2069(pt)/R11-0699%20Dis%20of%20Conds%2056pt,%2062%20and%2069pt%20-%20Canal%20Bridge%20Design%20Proposal%20February%202017.pdf


Anonymous said...

You're right, boating or quiet moorings in this area will become fairly noisy.
Such a shame that so many canal countryside sites have become desirable places for new house building.
Thanx for putting up all the details that you have found, now we understand what all those muddy spaces are for.
ann and keith

Chas and Ann said...

That was also one of our moorings! Saw a fox in the field. Molly was sent off to pick up golf balls! That bridge wall should keep the traffic noise down. A n C.