Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Girls Day Out

We were up quiet early as the girls were going into Birmingham to shop. We started the day with bacon sandwiches and then they left to have a girls day out..
Del stayed on Derwent6 and finished off the tunnel bands and also oiled the cratch boards while looking after Tooty (the cat)..
Del then removed the cratch cover and washed and cleaned it to get rid of all the grim and green mould in it..
He used a park bench, as you have to scrub very hard, in fact the harder the better and then it was rinsed off..
It was then sprayed with a silicon spray to make it water tight again.
The girls got  back at 6.00pm and showed off all the days bargains, then a nice steak and salad was in order.
This finished us all off and we crashed out..

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