Thursday, March 16, 2017

Cruising the Spring Sunshine

We left this morning around 11.00am after the fog had cleared, and made our way to Braunston. Blimey has Spring really started, it turned out to be a beautiful sunny day. We passed the new marina entrance at Dunchurch also the widebeam which had found a spot to turn around.
It was also nice to see the lambs bouncing around..
Braunston was quiet and there were loads of places to moor, but we took a sharp right turn and headed towards Napton..

We stopped at bridge 100 and found a nice spot in the sunshine where we had lunch..
It was then chill time for Al as she read her book, while Del chopped up a bit of kindling for the next cold spell.
We then noticed a boat we hadn't seen for ages, n.b The Answer. It was nice to have a good catch up with Beryl and Gary..
It was getting dusk as we got back and Tooty was sussing out the new surroundings by climbing a few bushes..
With football in the evening and a lovely Chicken Kiev what more could a man want.. Oh just a nice sunset with a beer.

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