Sunday, March 26, 2017

Back to meeting our boating friends again

As we guessed, Tooty stayed in all night, don't think he fancied another bath. It was a beautiful morning but we were glad to have the fire ticking over in the corner as there was a frost outside.. As the sun dries one side of the boat and warms up, there are loud CRACKING! sounds as the metal copes with the hot and cold..
We had plans to do loads, but this is canal time and basically its done when its done! Del managed to stick a few slide bolts to the washing machine cupboard doors and cut up some more wood on the roof to keep it clear. We now have a full locker of seasoned wood for those cold miserable summer nights.
We were just about to have lunch when an old friend (well his older that us, just) turned up and decided to moor for a chat behind us.. Maffi is a legend on the cut, who has been blogging for years, and knows how to put his foot down if somethings not right for the live aboard boater. We love him!
He has been travelling the system this year and will be travelling to a place near you soon..
We said our goodbyes to Maffi and Molly, never even had a cup of tea, don't know how that happened!! Too busy chatting and putting the world to right!
We were getting cold so stocked up the fire to watch the qualifying of the Grand Prix..

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