Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Weekend at the Meadows

We have had a lovely weekend here at Ferry Meadows and the views are just fantastic.. We have had it mostly to ourselves so we don't feel the need to move just yet..  We got up early to see the steam train running at the station and it was a lovely sight and also a lovely smell to go with it..
From there Al got the bus into Peterborough where she had her shopping fix and picked up a few necessities. Del did the brasses on Derwent6 so she looked good on our mooring.. It was a bit cloudy on Saturday which kept the crowds at bay. Del went out on his bike in the afternoon to do some exploring around the park. There are about 60 miles of cycle paths to use so it would keep him busy..
On Sunday morning we walked over to the cafĂ© and had a full English breakfast with a coffee in the sunshine overlooking Derwent6.
We got talking to a lady who was down from Edinburgh, who had been to a conference on un-schooled children and had been on Daybreak breakfast on telly chatting about the pros and cons. She was very interesting to talk to and also very interested in our lifestyle.
We chilled for the rest of the day on our own, watching the Grand Prix and chatting, looking at this lovely view, till another boat turned up.
A nice couple on n.b Dash said they followed the blog and we invited them round for a cup of coffee. It was good to meet them and to have some company on the moorings here.
In the evening we watched the sunset with some telly with Strictly Come Dancing back on the screens.

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