Wednesday, June 25, 2014


So we haven't blogged for the last week or so.. Never mind! We decided to take a break from it because we have had just a fab time at Windsor, we have been enjoying the fantastic World Cup, and now we have Wimbledon as well. It has been nice not walking around with a camera all the time. So moving has been a problem for us..... we did know this, which is why we love the Thames so much!.. Even when you're static there is so much to see and do, even from the cratch of Derwent6. Rowers, canoeist, watching the high life boats, trip boats and the hour hirers and even Otters, yep that's him on the corner here.
With just the best back drop.. 
but once again you get the itch to move on.. Its so funny when we have lived in so many places you still have the urge to travel... So we will be going tomorrow..  making sure we get a TV signal to watch England go out of the World Cup..

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nb Chance said...

Looks like an American Mink to me, we have seen them before at Windsor, they eat all the chicks sadly! See you soon xx