Sunday, June 01, 2014

BONG! time for a pint

We woke up to lovely sunshine this morning and had planned to leave today but we thought Derwent6's waste and water tank might go another day.. (fingers crossed)  We had some breakfast out in the cratch and then got talking to Ray and Leonie on n.b Firefly NZ.
We then got our arses in gear and set off towards Waterloo. We like it at weekends at Southbank as there is a lot going on with buskers and stalls.
We fancied an ice cream, but at £3.00 each, No thanks! We then spotted a nice table and chairs outside a lovely pub overlooking the Thames, so rude not to.
With a pint in hand we watched Big Ben strike One, and a couple of pints later strike Two, and we thought we had better go at strike Three.
The reason we felt we had to go was because we were hungry..
We walked over Westminster Bridge and past the Houses of Parliament, Westminster Abbey, and then into St James Park (over Blue Bridge) and along the Mall.
Now you know what makes the London Eye go round, a horse...
Here we cut across into Green Park and then walked to our old favourite Hard Rock CafĂ© for a good old legendary proper steak burger, Mmmmmmm
We got seated straight away with out priority card right under the Rolling Stones memorabilia.
When we came out we went to The Vault, this is where all the archive bits and pieces from the Hard Rock wall is stored, a real treat..

We then got the tube back to Derwent6 exhausted.....

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