Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Taking it easy to Cassiobury

The first thing when we woke up was how was Al's ankle.. and the answer was that it felt fine, Wow! the RICE technique worked then, Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation... The swelling had gone down and only some slight pain felt.. So we set off again at 8.30am and tried it out at Kings Langley lock..
It passed the test so we carried on under the dreaded M25 motorway on to Grove Park, one of Del's favourite parts of the Grand Union..

Here we passed the guy with the new type of Cratch cover which brings a whole new meaning to recycling.. Yes that is a car bolted on the front of his boat..
When we got to Grove Park the sun came out and it was just so pretty..
We had done eight locks when we got through Cassiobury Locks and didn't want to push our luck, so we moored up..

We had moored here before and always wanted to explore the area, its a nice river section here and the water is quite clear and fast flowing and the wildlife is good and its lovely to hear the birds singing..
So once moored it was time to get Al's shopping fix.. We took a walk through the park and headed for Watford town centre and the Intu Shopping Centre.
We had a good look around before we stopped for a coffee and then sussed out the train station and tube station, always handy to know..
We then took a nice steady walk back through the park again back to Derwent6..


Les Biggs said...

Hi guys
did you suss the Watford Met tube quite near your mooring. Almost next to the park.

Del and Al said...

Thanks Les, yep going to be trying it out tomorrow :-) Hope to see you next week?....