Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Eats, Drinks and Ripping Yarns

Hmmm where do we start, this has been a very hectic last few days, which is why blogging has been difficult..
On the Sunday we all got up quite early, still recovering, and managed some breakfast out in the cratch.
We all then went out for a stroll in the fantastic sunshine to Little Venice so Bernie and Sarah could get their bearings..
We then hopped on a bus to Trafalgar Square so we could take in the sunshine and the views..
We then walked to the dead centre of London, Charing Cross and then on up to Leicester Square where we went to the pub Moon on the Water..
We had a lovely spot out in the sunshine and it was difficult to pull ourselves away..
We then went back to Paddington and had a lovely meal outside watching the boats at Zizzi's.
You thought we might have stopped there, but all a bit merry, we then got the tube to Tower Hill.
We had organised a Jack the Ripper tour, something we normally just don't do, and found our guide in the nick of time.. Ken works as a Beefeater at the Tower of London and knew everything there was to know about Jack the Ripper.
The tour took us down Whitechapel, Brick Lane and Petticoat lane and we've got to say we loved it. We learnt so much about London in 1888 and some of it is very clear to see, you just need to know where to look.. We very much recommend it..
We then found a Wetherspoons and rested our legs overlooking Tower Bridge in lights till we built up the energy to get the tube back to Derwent6.

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