Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Night on the town

We could hear the rain on the roof when we all surfaced so it didn't give us a lot of encouragement to get going..
Tanya and Sam decided they would go to a museum and picked the Natural History. They left at 10.30am and we soon got a text saying they were stuck in a queue to get in, due to it being a bank holiday. An hour later they were in..  We chilled a bit on Derwent6 and went for a walk to get a few bits of shopping and some fresh air really..
We have got a nice spot here next to Doug and James on n.b Chance and we get a lot of tourist taking photos of both boats together, and still there are spaces.
In the evening we all went out together and yes, we all went back to Soho..
We had just the best night out, such a laugh and Tanya and Sam loved it.. We ended up in KFC just before 2.00am where we locked the door behind us and told them to close so we could have the rest of the food for a set price. It worked, but we ended up with all the spicy stuff so we might suffer in the morning..

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nb Chance said...

Great night guys and yes Doug suffered with the spicy KFC in the morning, must do another night out in Soho with you lot again, such fun! xx