Sunday, February 02, 2014

Phew! Empty and Full, followed by a Wolf

We couldn't hear rain when we surfaced this morning, unusual you ask as we have had so much of it recently. Al had a good nights sleep for a change and felt a bit better, so a chance to go and fill and empty tanks.. Del got Derwent6 ready as Al wrapped up to help.. We first went along to Clifton Marina services and waited for Jay to turn up.. Its a bit tricky to get in here, but desperate as we was it felt good to have a tank emptied which had gone four weeks. While we were plugged in it started to snow, but it turned out to be only flurries, it was still very cold.. 
We passed Brownsover at Rugby and then turned. Just before we turned hawk eye Del spotted some wood so we swung Derwent6 round and moored up on the Aqueduct.
Al helped Del load a few logs onto the roof, before we pushed on to the water point.. You could hear Derwent6 gasp as the water went in, Ahhhhhhhh! Del then unloaded the wood we had just loaded and while we filled chopped it all up and loaded the locker, it took it all. So another job, jobbed, what next..
We had to fill the cupboards up so we stopped at Brownsover and after a quick cup of tea and a warm up we put our coats back on and walked down to Mr Tesco's.   We brought too much and struggled getting it back, but we managed it. Al by this point was worn out but we had food at last for lunch. It felt like it had been a long day with what we had done so we chilled in the warm all afternoon as the snow flurries turned to rain in the afternoon.
We had some Cinema vouchers given to us for Christmas and Al thought it might be a good idea to go and take her mind off her chesty cough. So at 7.00pm we  made our way to Cineworld and got seated at 7.45pm to see Wolf of Wall Street a three hour film....
It turned out to be very good and didn't seem like three hours at all.. its all about sex, drugs and how money can ruin you.. We got back to Derwent6 at 11.15pm, and had a honey and lemon before crashing into bed...

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