Sunday, February 09, 2014

Pain and Pleasure

As you may have gathered Al was back down in Kent and has been over the last few days. She had to go down first on Thursday for a MRI scan on a lump on her ribs which was affecting her lovely figure..  She had already had a scan but it wasn't conclusive enough. We get the results in a couple of weeks.
Al also had to go back to Kings Hospital on Friday to attend a pre-op with her Dad, which is for radio frequency ablation on the small tumour which is showing some slight activity. This will be zapped but he will have to have a general which he needed to chat about.. It turned out to be an all day affair.....
On the Saturday was Al's reward for all the hard work. She had arranged to meet up with her friend Sarah for a treatment at the David Lloyd fitness centre at Kings Hill near Maidstone.
It was a gift voucher from Al's 50th Birthday and Sarah had also got one for her 50th as well so it made sense to go together. They had a lovely chill out time with back and face treatments followed by a nice pub lunch in the afternoon in West Malling where they were met by Erica for a girls chat. Al then got the train back from there and arrived back to Derwent6 at 8.00pm.
While Al was away Del looked at the water pressure problem we have had and and has now sorted it out by pumping up the system.. and also some small engine chores like the stern gland greaser leaking and a small diesel leak from the heater boiler. The wind and rain here has been horrendous and levels have been up and down, so you keep loosening and tying up ropes. The fenders creak and it sounds like Derwent6 is an old galleon ship rocking to and fro. It does rock you to sleep.. It was nice to see Gary and Beryl on n.b. The Answer turn up behind us late yesterday and as the weather doesn't look much better it will be nice to get together from time to time.. 


Les Biggs said...

Hope the results are good. Bit like being swallowed was how I felt going in the MRI.
Hoping all goes well for all the family, bloody health is so unpredictable.

Mrs. Jaqueline Biggs said...

Holding you in my thoughts Al for a positive outcome.
big hugs to you both,

SnowyOwl said...

Lovely machine! I work for GE!!! Hope all is well for you. Take care

Paul and El said...

What's going on with all us boaters!
Hope it all goes well for you.
Paul xx

nb AmyJo said...

Fingers crossed for the results Al and hope all is well for you

Sue said...

Thinking of you and hope all is well.. Might see you soon too!

Del and Al said...

Thanks everyone, you have to get these thinks checked out, and although I feel quite positive, will feel much better once I have the results. My Doctor has been fantastic, and is leaving nothing to chance which is great. As for the're right SnowyOwl, it is a great bit of kit!!! Thumbs up to GE!!! x