Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Blogger's reunion

We have been sitting tight at Rugby waiting for a call as to when Alf will have to go in to have his pacemaker fitted.... Nothing much has happened where we are but we did have the police walking by saying some boats had been broken into around here.....its good to see them checking things out.
We decided to move just to have another change of scenery, so early today we set off just to get the wheels turning again and also top up with water.. We started off in sunshine and things soon changed as the clouds came in just as we started to turn.
We got on to the water point and we weren't on long as we didn't need a lot of water..

We then found a spot to moor and the sun came out again.. After setting the telly up and cleaning the mud off Derwent6 we settled down to warm up again.. 
After breakfast we had a boat come past us and it turned out to be Sue and Vic on n.b. No Problem. They moored up and after a quick chat they came round for a coffee and a catch up.
They arrived at midday and we also invited Keith and Ann off n.b. Oakfield who were moored in front of us.. As always we put the world to right and caught up on all our problems and adventures.. It was lovely to see them all looking so well..
In the afternoon Sue and Vic decided to move on and we all said our goodbyes, lets hope we see them in the Summer......

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